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fight icons

it's pure iconic alchemy // version 1.5

3 February
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your icon maker: usagi (nobuwa, formerly sound_life).

icons to satisfy (almost) everyone. my creations are mostly of my own interests, which is alot of things. i also take requests. so don't be shy. fight_icons loves you.

1. please comment in the corresponding entry if you're going to take any icon(s).
2. credit me (fight_icons) in your keywords. DO NOT claim any of my icons as your own.
3. do not hotlink any of my icons!
4. if you want to make a request, you can email or instant message me. please don't leave it in a comment. don't be afraid to ask, i love making special icons.
5. if you happen to think any of my icons are good enough for an award, feel free to nominate me. just let me know, of course.
6. tell all your friends ^^
7. feel free to friend me, i add everyone.

-how to give credit-
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fight_icons is absolutely dedicated to bringing you quality anime icons. if you'd like to become an affiliate to this journal, let me know. leave a comment in any of the entries (preferably the most recent) in this journal or my own. i'll add your journal/community link to the list below, but you must do the same for me to stay there.